Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Open Source Whiner Babies!

Since Marc Fleury's retirement from Red Hat, there have been several articles and blogs written, with regards to Marc and JBoss. In those articles and blogs, it always seems like the folks who are critical are the guys that left JBoss in the early days, to try and create a competitive business that they called the "Core Developers Network" or CDN.

The thing that strikes me the most about their comments, is that they are childish, immature, and lean on a crutch of what "true open source" is.

What these guys are, are whiner babies, and nothing more!

They weren't getting what they think in their own minds was fair, as far as a stake in JBoss goes, so they split and tried to form a competitor, based on the same project (Whose ego was getting in the way here?).

Then, when JBoss moved to protect its business by removing their commit privileges, they cried foul.

What did they expect? Peace and love?

In reality, if they stuck it out, and continued to work, they would have been hansomly rewarded in the end. Now that JBoss has been acquired by Red Hat, and Marc, along with lots of other folks, got big paydays, they are left to cry over their spilled milk.

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